Are you looking to learn a new stroke? Or perhaps you would like to rapidly improve your front crawl swimming through video analysis? We can help you to achieve your swimming goals.

Video Analysis

Video analysis sessions are aimed anyone that can already swim front crawl. These sessions ideal for swimmers/triathletes/open water swimmers that are looking for improve their performance in the water.

The video analysis process

A consultation with Tom, followed by video footage of your swim taken from 4 different angles. You will then go and identify at what you are doing well within your swimming, but also whats holding you back in the water. After this you will jump back into the water for stroke correction, before walking way with the video analysis and clear plan of the drills you will need do to improve your stroke, as well as all your questions answered about how to train effectively to achieve your personal goals.

Tom works doing video analysis sessions for a fantastic company called Active Blu. If you would like to check availability or book in a session follow the link below;

Learn to Swim Front Crawl 

These sessions are aimed at beginner swimmers and triathletes who are either completely new to swimming or have a limited amount of swimming experience. The carefully designed programme we use is based on a step by step process which starts with becoming comfortable in the water, and progresses using specific drills and exercises which help to develop the Front Crawl stroke. 

"Thank you so much for your genuine love and kindness when teaching those children who need that bit more help whilst learning to swim"

Mum of Sophie, aged 6

"Tom is a fantastic teacher, patient, firm and kind. Imogen loves her swimming lessons"

Mum of Sophie, aged 5

"Jake has become so confident in the water since starting his swimming lessons, he loves achieving awards and is always excited to come to lessons"

Parents of Jake, aged 6

"The standard of teaching is very high, the girls have achieved so highly since beginning lessons with you"

Parents of Alexandra, 6 and Georgina, aged 9

"My children love the friendly welcoming atmosphere shannon recently won swimmer of the month trophy – a great incentive"

Mum of Shannon, 7 and Kiera, aged 4

"I strongly appreciate your kindness and patience, Eleanor was so frightened and had no confidence at first, wonderful to see her swimming in deep water with a big smile on her face – Thank you Diane and Tom"

Mum of Eleanor, aged 7

"Diane is wonderful and encouraging with a genuine passion and love of children, a fantastic teacher who always made Billy feel very special and boosted his confidence"

Mum of Billy, aged 6

"My child is looked after, encouraged and is taught to swim with beautiful strokes, at a pace that suits her needs all the teachers have a lovely manner and are fascinating to watch, passing on their excellent skills – well done i tell all my friends about you"

Mum of Nikita, aged 8

"Excellent Lessons my children are taught to the highest standards. The teachers' approach to the children is wonderful to watch. The classes are fun and well structured"

Mum of Ben, 4, Sam, 5 and Tasha, aged 9